Q How does a hire work?

One of our trained operators will arrive at your place at least 20-30 minutes before your hire is to start and errect the castle in the most appropriate position in your yard. They will then return when your hire is finished and pack the castle away.


Q  How much space do I need?

We have a large range of different sized castles and a combo/slide that all require different areas. Please refer to the castle photos and areas required.


Q How much access space is required?

The castle is delivered on a trolley and will need a space about 1 metre minimum width to push the trolley through.


Q What surface can the castle go on?

Preferably grass, but dirt, concrete, paving etc. is OK – please advise at time of booking.


 Q How does the castle stay blown up?

We connect an electric blower to your power supply with an extension cord. The blower runs continuously using a few cents per hour of electricity.


Q How long do I have the castle for?

A regular hire is for 4 hours. This does not include set up or pack up time, which means the castle is operational for at least 4 hours. This can be extended at booking time if you wish.


Q What if it rains?

None of our castles are water proof however Most Castles have shade covers however, no Jumping Castle should be used in stormy/Rainy weather conditions, particularly when there's high winds. We are quite happy to cancel the booking at no charge, as long as you contact us before we leave our warehouse. However if the weather forecast is for rain (above 75% chance)  and you still wish to have the castle you may have to pay a cleaning/drying surcharge if the castle gets wet and is packed up wet.


Q Do you have insurance?

We have a $20M Public Liability policy and will gladly supply you with a copy of our Certificate of Currency.


Q How is payment made and when do I pay?

We accept cash on the day of delivery for local castles all other castles must be paid for in full when booking.


Q What if I would like a Supervisor/Operator during our hire?
We will happily supply one for you at an additional cost.
$50 per hour for our Jumping Castles and combo jumping castles


Q What happens if we damage the jumping castle? 

If the damage is considered to be malicious then you will be liable for the full cost of repairs, transport costs associated with the repairs and the loss of business costs while the castle is repaired. We keep a record of the condition of our castles and would advise you to check the jumping castle before the delivery person leaves, and note any problems. 


Q Is there anything else I need to know? 

Please be aware that streamers, poppers, silly string, face paint, chewing gum, food and drink MUST be kept away from the jumping castle at all times. If the above-mentioned items are in contact with the jumping castle and it has been damaged it will be considered malicious and you will be liable for the full cost of repairs, transport costs associated with the repairs and the loss of business costs while the castle is repaired. 



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