Bungee Run

Dual Horizontal Bungee
Run against powerful bungee cords and then bungee back to the start.

Age Group: All ages

Dimensions: 10m x 4m x 4m

Area required: 12m x 5m x 4.5m
Fully enclosed: no

Price: $340 for 4 hours


You and a friend horizontal bungee at the same time... you can play a few different games on the bungee run
1.First to grab the Velcro marker wins (best out of three tries). Contestants stand at beginning of run and at whistle race to get ONE marker, which is placed between the lanes on the lane Velcro.
2.Three lengths race. Contestants stand at beginning and race to end and back three times – touching end as they go. First to finish wins.
3.How far can you go? Contestants race to see how far they can place the Velcro marker.






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